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  • DoSeat certifies every bike listed on DoSeat through automobile inspectors - the bike goes through a 90-point check alongwith a check on related documents

  • The certification inputs captured by us help in creating a unique rating (quality Score) out of 5. Every attribute of the bike - Engine, Gearbox, Eletricals, Brakes etc carry a score out of 5 as well as an overall score out of 5. This allows you to decide which is a better bike

  • Ride the bike, check the documents, negotiate and close the deal - DoSeat allows you to deal directly with the Seller for your satisfaction - payment and transfer terms etc.
  • Just don't forget to ask the Seller for your DoSeat freebies as listed below which allows you to avail of the DoSeat Advantages - a buyer's privilege on DoSeat

    CERTIFIED BIKES Certified Bike

    DoSeat Exclusive warranty 6 Months/6000 Kms
    • Engine & Gearbox
    • Head Cylinder, Cam Chain/ Tension
    • Oil Pump, Generator, Crankcase
    • Crankshaft, Assembly, Cam Gearshit
    • Kick Starter & Transmission & More...
    VERIFIED BIKESCertified Bike
    DoSeat Exclusive Doorstep Service
    • Oil Change, Coolant & Brake Fluid Top-up
    • Air Filter & Spark Plug Change/ Cleaning
    • Accelerator & Clutch Cable Change/ Adjustment
    • Bike Wash (in some cities like Bengaluru & Pune)
    • Carburetor Servicing & More..


    Certified Bikes:

    6 Months/6000 kms Warranty on Engine, Gearbox and other parts like Front Brake, Chassis and Steering System. Warranty is available on DoSeat Certified bikes only. Enjoy peace of mind in case something goes wrong with the said parts cove red under the warranty. This warranty starts on 12th day against the payment of the bike.

    6 Months/6000 kms Warranty Covers:
  • Head Cylinder
  • Cam Chain/ Tension
  • Oil Pump
  • Generator
  • Crankcase
  • Crankshaft Assembly
  • Transmission
  • Cam Gearshift
  • Kick Starter
  • Front Brake
  • Steering System
  • Chassis & Others*
  • Doorstep Service:

    For the first time in India, a professionally trained service mechanic will come to your doorstep to service the bike. There is no cost for the labour or service charges (for the specified verified bike). You can avail your first service after 7 days against the payment of the bike.

    1 Free Doorstep Service

  • Oil Change/top-up
  • Air Filter Change/Cleaning
  • Brake Fluid top-up
  • Coolant top-up
  • Spark-plug cleaning
  • Fuse change
  • Accelerator Cable change/adjustment
  • clutch cable change/adjustment
  • carburetor servicing
  • Mirror Adjustment
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning (Only for bikes)
  • Anti-Rusting (Only for Royal Enfield Bikes)
  • Kick Level Adjustment (Only for Royal Enfield Bikes)
  • Eco wash (Wash with wax and liquid, no water) Only in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore
    • More detail
      1.This free doorstep service is provided to you by our trusted partners in your city
      2.To avail of your free service, please call on the provided toll-free number and book and appointment at least 2 days in advance. Services will be provided only between 9am to 7pm.
      3.All replacement part would be on chargeable basis, only labour charges would be free of cost (specifically covering the 15 points below). Any repairs or requests in addition to the ones specified below are chargeable.
      4.Since the service is provided at your doorstep, it does not include a wash (Eco wash in some cities like Bangalore and Pune)
      5.Services can be offered only if allowed by the society or Employer where the bike is parked.
      It is not the service provider’s responsibility to acquire permission for the same.
      These services have been contracted by us to expert providers and reputed companies and it’s their responsibility to offer you these services – as per the terms and conditions specified on the next pages against each of these services. Please read these carefully. In case you face a challenge with any of the above or if you have questions, please connect with us on our Toll Free No: 1800220081 between Monday-Saturday (10 to 7 pm). It’s our way of helping you stay relaxed on buying a used bike on DoSeat.

      The DoSeat team (*Please refer to detailed terms and conditions)