Shipment and Delivery Policy

Sellers complete their transaction in person with the buyer on DoSeat. So shipment or delivery of the bike is finally provided in person to the buyer on receiving complete payment/registration of the bike.

For new bikes:

The dealers or Sellers indicate the expected delivery time even before the Buyer makes a purchase decision. On paying the booking amount, the Seller connects with the Buyer to complete the other formalities involving registration, finance, insurance, additional accessories etc. The Seller and the Buyer meet for the same and on completion of payment and registration is when the Seller has to deliver the bike to the Buyer - at his showroom or at the Buyers doorstep, as decided mutually between them. NO shipment or delivery of the bike is bound to happen before payment and registration formalities are complete and DoSeat is not responsible for the delivery or shipment of the bike once the buyer and seller have exchanged payment. In case the Buyer has cancelled the transaction and requested for the refund, no shipment or delivery is due to the Seller.

For used bikes:

The delivery or shipment of used bikes when bought on DoSeat essentially happens in person between buyer and Seller and DoSeat is not responsible for the same.